Wedding Dj Special Effects

There are many ways you DJ can make your wedding more personal and unique with special effects. They can range from simple to complex.

Sound System 1


This is one of many ways to transform your venue with lighting special effects. Up-lighting will change the atmosphere of the room by having the wall washed in a colour of your choice. Keep in mind bigger rooms will require more up-lights which maybe an additional charge. I strongly recommend arranging a site visit with your DJ so they can plan accordingly.

DJ Lighting

Dance Lighting

An absolute must. Imagine going to a night club with no dance lighting and the lights are on. You would walk right back out, therefore you don’t want this for you wedding.  Dance lighting can be simple to very intense special effect. The more intense of a light special effect may require more money and more manpower will be required. Lights can be a simple as all I one units, lasers, gobos, to moving heads that need to be programed.

DJ Dance Lighting

Fog /Haze machine

This will be a great addon to your light effect as it will create a haze effect that intensifies lasers. Before asking for this option, you should check with your venue to see if they allow fog machines, as some have set off fire alarms.

Dj Fog

Dry Ice Fog

A growing trend effect, also known as low-level fog and dancing on a cloud. It creates a cloud like special effect, often used during the first dance or grand entrance. It will create a photographer’s paradise to get those stunning shots.

DJ Dry Ice

Cold Spark / Indoor Sparkler

Cold Spark / Indoor Sparkler are another growing special effect. This will give your wedding a wedding to remember and when combined with the first dance is stunning. Another favorite for photographers and videographers to capture amazing memories.

Dj Dancing On a Cloud Sparklers

Handheld Special Effects

Handheld Special effects like CO2 and Confetti Cannons are a great way to hype up the party.

CO2 cannons are great for when the bass drops on that hot song and or when you favorite song come on and you want to get you guest hyped! The CO2 cannon can be in the form as a CO2 gun, or a CO2 cannon that Dj can trigger through out the night.

Dj Co2 Cannons

Confetti Cannons set off the party and can be used during the grand entrance and or through out the night. You should check with your venue to see if they allow confetti as it get messy and may require an additional cleaning cost.


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