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Selecting a Dj for you wedding is on of the most overlooked and underrated steps in planning your wedding. Most couples leave this to the last step and panic at the last minute.

Things to consider when hiring a DJ:

  1. Wedding Location

If you are after your favorite DJ or a DJ that you saw at a previous event, make sure that DJ is ok to travel Most DJs work within a 100km radius of the area the work in. You might have to provide hotel accommodations and or pay extra.

  1. Type of Wedding DJ

There are different types of DJs… Some who play aggressive like in a night club setting, and there are DJs who play the whole song out. No right or wrong just different styles.

  1. Type of Music

A misnomer of DJs is most people think we have all the music…. Some DJs specialize in different genres and other brand themselves as a all-around Top 40 DJ. If you’re looking for Portuguese Folk Music, this maybe a question to ask before signing the agreement.

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is telling the DJ the songs to play. The ceremony is about you and your partner. The reception is about your guest, thanking them for taking the time out of their day to come and take part in your day. The music should be geared for them.

Some DJs may ask for you to provide a list of your favourite songs and some ideas of what your guess may listen to.

An easy way to provide a list is by creating a Spotify or Apple Music list.


  1. Special Effects

Some DJs have the ability to transform a room with lighting and special effects. To name a few they are:

Up-lights: A great to change the colours of that plain boring white wall or accent a special table(s). weather it be the head table, dessert table, or the cake table.

Intelligent dance floor lighting: This gives your party that night club feeling….

Dry fog: Ever wanted a picture of you and your spouse dancing on a cloud? This is it… low lying fog gives the right photographer a endless playground to get the picture perfect moment.

Indoor fire works/ cold sparklers: An add on that is becoming a wedding favourite.

  1. Budget

One of the most talked about topics, one of the most regretful mistakes and one of the most unplanned things when it comes to planning a wedding. When people attend a wedding, they usually only remember or talk about 2 things. The food and the entertainment. They may or may not remember the brides wedding dress or her bouquet. But if the food was good and they danced all night… they will say that was a party to never forget, the DJ played all my jams, the DJ was on fire, etc. When hiring a professional DJ expect to pay professional prices…

  1. Meet The Wedding DJ

Don’t be afraid to arrange a meeting with the DJ. Get to know your DJ. Either arrange a place and time to meet or do a virtual meeting. This is beneficial to both parties.

Some DJs will ask to do a site review. This will allow them to look at the venue and asses what they will need to bring.

  1. The Unwritten Rule

Tipping a DJ at the end of the night isn’t necessary but is well appreciated.

Include the DJ and other vendors/contractors in your catering. Most of them are there longer than you and your guest. If you don’t intend to feed your contractors, inform them before the day of the event. This way its not a surprise the day off, especially if your wedding is in a remote area.  Find out if the DJ works alone or is they have an associate that will be there with them. Most times DJs will have a helper to help setup and tear down as well as assist in various ways while entertaining you, your friends and family.

Referrals are always welcomed. Tag your DJ in all your social platforms.

If you have video clips or photos of the DJ feel free to pass it along.

If your are satisfied with the performance; write a review, offer to do a video review at the end of the night.


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